FPANZ Couch Session – A new approach to fire safe design


Last week the Fire Evacuation Consultant Group convened a discussion group to explore new ways of collaborating during the early stages of building development to increase fire safety design. 

With a full turnout and representation from fire engineers, fire consultants, evacuation consultants, the Fire Service and other interested parties, the session was a great success. 

“This is the beginning of something really worthwhile” says Jenny Maxwell, Safety First Director. “We are developing strategies to make fire safety a proactive part of building design; through full and robust consultation.”


What does an ideal scenario look like?

“We want to encourage dialogue between developers and fire safety consultants in the initial stages of building design” explains Maxwell, “This will enable all aspects of safe evacuation to be included in the planning process.

“An organisation like Safety First can explain the implications of compliance with codes and legislation but also pick up aspects of evacuation planning like catering to persons with special needs or less able people during an evacuation, and developing evacuation plans and training for the tenants of the building. 

“Involving professional fire evacuation consultants at the early stages ensures that the developer gets the very best result.” 

Designing or developing new buildings?

Talk to the Fire Safety specialists at Safety First. We can ensure that all aspects of fire safety are encompassed within your design and planning.