Commercial Bay development – Designed with safety in mind

The incredible Commercial Bay project is set to transform the Auckland waterfront yet again in 2019. 

See Warren & Mahoney’s visuals of the project here to get an idea of the grand scale and spread of the inner-city development.

Safety First is delighted to be working alongside high profile professionals such as Martin Feeney, with the key partners of Precinct Properties’ Commercial Bay project – Architects Warren & Mahoney, Fletcher Construction, Holmes Group, and RCP – to provide Fire Evacuation and Occupational Workplace Safety strategy advice. This includes planning for safety pre-construction by working with architects to create commercial spaces conducive to good OH&S, and Fire Evacuation procedures that are planned into the property layout.

Precinct Properties must be complimented on their vision, as it is very rare that Fire Evacuation Consultants get the opportunity to be involved at such an early stage of building development. We are impressed that Precinct is planning for every contingency to optimise the safety of their future tenants. 

Safety First Director Jenny Maxwell says: 

“Working with industry professionals is such a delight because the collaborative effect will produce an enviable building both from a Health & Safety and a Fire Safety standpoint.  I am so inspired to have the opportunity to be involved in such a premium building event in Auckland - it really is the highlight of my working life.”   

Working on improving building safety from the inception of a project allows for much more robust measures than retroactively trying to fit safety procedures around a building that is already built. Fire Evacuation planners are normally brought on board after construction is completed; which may not necessarily result in the best outcomes for the occupiers of the building.

Safety First was selected as safety advisors on the project due to their high level of service and well-known commitment to establishing safe working environments, and look forward to collaborating on more construction projects in the early stages – this is an excellent way to work.

Commercial Bay – photo credit Warren & Mahoney

Commercial Bay – photo credit Warren & Mahoney