New Evacuation Regulations Promote Fire Safety

From 1 July 2018, changes to the Fire and Emergency New Zealand (Fire Safety, Evacuation Procedures, and Evacuation Schemes) Regulations 2018 provide a new foundation for fire precaution measures and the safe, prompt and efficient evacuation in the case of an alarm or fire. While New Zealand has a good history of fire safety within commercial and industrial buildings and the loss of life has been minimal, a number of buildings are still affected by fire each year. The new Regulations aim to improve the level of protection building occupants have from the risk of fire.

Safety First – Supporting the Rescue Run since 2016

Safety First – Supporting the Rescue Run since 2016

Safety First health and safety consultants are experts at creating robust, workable health and safety procedures – even for events as unique as the Rescue Run! Our team are working alongside the fantastic New Zealand emergency services which will benefit from this run to ensure all contingencies are covered and Rescue Run participants can enjoy a safe and challenging run.

Precinct Properties & Safety First – A Safety Alliance!

When Precinct Property entered the Auckland property market in 2013, they teamed up with Safety First to ensure safer working environments for their tenant businesses. Safety First provide ongoing Management of Fire Evacuation Schemes in Precinct Properties, and offer Emergency Planning and Fire Evacuation training to tenant businesses.

New Health & Safety and First Aid courses

In late September, Safety First HSW and KN Training conducted the first Health and Safety Representatives Course for Baygold in Tauranga (trading as Kiwi Orchards), and last week ran the first Safety First – KN Training First Aid Course for Workday in central Auckland. We look forward to providing these on-site training courses for many more businesses. 

Commercial Bay development – Designed with safety in mind

The incredible Commercial Bay project is set to transform the Auckland waterfront yet again in 2019. Safety First is delighted to be working alongside high profile professionals such as Martin Feeney, with the key partners of Precinct Property’s Commercial Bay project– Architects Warren & Mahoney, Fletcher Construction, Holmes Group, and RCP- to provide Fire Evacuation and Occupational Workplace Safety strategy advice.

The FENZ Transition Project

The FENZ Transition Project

The fire and other emergency functions of 40 organisations will be amalgamated into Fire and Emergency New Zealand from 1 July 2017 — the most significant change to fire services in 70 years. The Bill to amalgamate New Zealand’s fire services has passed through parliament and will now replace the Fire Service Act 1975 and the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977.