Access health and safety training online, right here. All the courses you need for training a health & safety compliant workforce are in the Safety First Training Hub. Give your workforce a responsive, accessible way to train for workplace health & safety, ensuring company-wide compliance.


Based on best practice user experience guidelines the Training Hub environment provides responsive, richly interactive and easily accessible content. Employees can complete Health & Safety training modules at their own pace, from the convenience of their desk. Training Hub is available anywhere, on any connected device.

Training Hub modules have been audited by Simpson Grierson as compliant with current New Zealand OSH legislation. Modules are constantly updated to stay in line with legislation.

online Health and Safety training COURSEs for staff, wardens & management


  • Compliance Essentials New Zealand – Work Health & Safety – Approx 60 minutes
  • Compliance Essentials New Zealand – Equal Opportunity in Employment – 35-45 minutes
  • Compliance Essentials New Zealand – Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – 45-60 minutes
  • Compliance Essentials New Zealand – Workplace Bullying – 45-60 minutes
  • Compliance Essentials – The New Zealand Privacy Act – 45 minutes

Learn more about our compliance pack here.


  • Asbestos Awareness (under development)


Learning Management SYSTEM for HR and Managers

Training Hub also provides the option to purchase a management system so that managers and human resources teams can easily assign, manage and monitor company-wide compliance via management controls, and view data in smart dashboard formats for instant insights.

  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • See a holistic view of learning
  • View courses organised by priority
  • Simple, clean navigation
  • Easy course search functionality
  • Request enrolment in additional learning
  • Individual dashboard insights
  • Dashboard views for company-wide or team-level insights at a glance
  • Tracks all training across the organisation in real time
  • View all users to see assigned learning and completed modules
  • Drill down to split data by roles, regions and teams or individuals
  • Standardised reporting to ensure company-wide compliance
  • Assign and approve learning with a few clicks

Enquire now about the Training Hub online Learning Management System.


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