Emergency Management Consulting Services

Safety First works to ensure that your organisation is prepared to manage any crisis or emergency promptly and effectively – to protect your people, your assets, and your business continuity.

We provide emergency management plans for earthquakes, bomb threats, gas leaks, chemical spills, power failures and armed hold-ups. Our expert team will develop emergency plans for your business, oversee their implementation and provide regular testing. Emergency management evacuation procedures can be provided separately or included in your fire evacuation plan document.

At Safety First, we also provide NZQA emergency management and safety training courses, so you can bring the expertise in-house.

Our aim is to equip your organisation to meet your work place emergency obligations by providing emergency management consultancy service, developing your team’s emergency management skills, and creating a safe, resilient workplace.


Safety First provides a range of safety training courses; from fire safety to specialist training in earthquakes and civil defence response situations.

Please contact us for further information or if you would like to investigate the development of a customised training module.

Emergency Evacuation Chairs

Safety First are proud to supply New Zealand organisations with EvacuLife Escape Chairs, and training on use of the evacuation chairs in an emergency.

Evacuation chairs may be useful for large building complexes like hospitals, aged care facilities and apartment buildings to assist with evacuating anyone with limited mobility – from heavily pregnant women to anyone with a leg in a cast, or permanent physical limitations.