Corporate Wellness ProgrammeS

Our Safety First health and safety consultants will work with your business to create a personalised workplace wellness programme that delivers health and wellbeing benefits to your employees.

Your corporate wellness policy may focus on improving health outcomes in the workplace through specific activities, or communicating an organisational workplace wellness policy designed to support healthy behaviour at work.

In the modern workplace, higher stress, longer work days and constant multitasking mean employees often feel they have no time to act on wellness goals. Creating an on-site corporate wellness programme means that your teams can improve their health and wellbeing while in their workplace.

Creating unique and dynamic programs that consistently evolve is essential to stimulate participation and create the incentive to continually improve health and wellbeing. An employee wellness program needs to encourage long term participation through ongoing education, multiple levels of accountability, and in many cases, incentives.

Corporate wellness is a multifaceted strategy which can include physical activity, health education, positive communication, employee incentives, and tailored wellness activities. We can bring these strands together for you, provide ideas - and proven systems.

The Safety First team will design your corporate wellness program to improve the wellness of all the people in your organisation, regardless of the size of your business. Workplace wellness can be just as effective in small businesses as in large corporations, and the benefits can be even more tangible in smaller teams.

Benefits of corporate wellness programmes in the workplace

Corporate wellness providers like Safety First aim to design workplace wellness programs that will reduce chronic diseases, reduce employee absences and increase staff satisfaction and retention.

Future focused companies aim to make the workplace an aspirational place to be, and to create a relaxing, calm environment for employees and clients.

This long term focus can improve recruitment rates, lower costs involved with staff turnover and training new staff, and improve the productivity of your team – as well as improving your corporate culture!

If you see Corporate Wellness as a vital investment, and a key piece of your health and safety solution, talk to our team today